Thursday, July 14, 2011

Showered With So Much Love

My Mom is an amazing woman. Crazy when it comes to parties, gift buying and grandbabies, but amazing. (She knows this, so dont worry, Im not offending her!)

I absolutely adore her craziness in these things and knew that she would put on a baby shower like
no other when I told her I would be coming home before the baby was born. 
We didnt expect to go back to the States before my September due date, but J was assigned a 
training slot for instructor school. He was notified two weeks before his leave date. The training just so 
happened to be in my home state, so I was super excited to get to go back home for a month while 
he trained. This presented the perfect opportunity for a baby shower! 

The baby shower was at my parent's house. 
Baby M is my parent's first grandchild in fifteen years (I have a 15 y/o nephew) and their first granddaughter. 
She is also J's parent's first grandchild altogether.
She is going to be so spoiled! 

J's mom flew out to spend the weekend with us and attend the shower. We were so happy she could 
make it and have the chance to see me pregnant and feel the baby kick.

My mom went crazy buying presents for Baby M! Most of the shower presents were from her and 
there were 30 people in attendance! 
J's mom hadnt really bought much up to this point, so when she got to town she also went a bit
crazy buying super cute things for the baby. 

We had a great time and I just wish it wouldnt have flown by so quickly!

Ps... My mom should have been a professional event planner- she brainstormed all of this and 
did the decorating. It was beautiful!
One of the present tables
Presents! Cake and punch table.
I LOVE the wreath!
My mom bought it for us and I shipped it back to Germany after the party!

It's a girl chocolate bars and oreo pops for favors.
The bear is a Build a Bear from J's mom. 
I made the oreo pops.
The inspiration came from Pinterest!
The cake!!!
It was absolutely delicious and so adorable!
My mom came up with the design and the rain boots are from her. 
Love this

I loved the decor! The frame is from a friend, my sister and I made the cloth covered letters to
match her bedding, the flowers are from my mom, as are the clothes hanging up.
The large toy to my left is the My Little Pony Mermaid Castle and is from J. It was a
wonderful surprise and baby M's first toy!
The quilt and bedding are behind me. You cant really see them. Once I have the nursery all together,
Ill post lots of photos! 
My wonderful mom and I
The food table
Another view
The punch!
The inspiration was from Pinterest. It's pink bath water with rubber duckies.
It was very good!
All put together
The present tree
Mom hung presents from the tree and the guests had to guess how many they thought were on there.
Then I was allowed to "open" it! 
Isnt this the cutest outfit and hat ever?!
Of course it's from my mom! 
Thanks Mom!
Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! Love that cake - it's amazing! So pleased you managed to get back home:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shower! You and McKenna certainly are loved. :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shower! You and McKenna certainly are loved. :)


Whitney said...

What a great shower! The decor was awesome... and I love the cake!

Chantal said...

Looks like a beautiful shower!

Hilary said...

What a wonderful shower... Your mom seems amazing!

Megilon said...

What a beautiful shower!!

Anonymous said...

With all that pink, it looks like a little girl's paradise. I love it! I'm so glad you got to go home and visit with family for awhile. I know they loved showering you!

Maranda said...

What a great party!!! I'm so glad you were able to fly home for this! And your 2 moms had a blast I'm sure too.