Friday, August 27, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #10

Wow, is it Friday again already? And has it really been 10 weeks since Wife of a Sailor started the Friday Fill-in? Time is flying!

  1. What secret indulgence do you act on while your spouse is away? (from Devil Dog Darling)
I'm not sure that I have any "secret" indulgences. I'm pretty sure he's fully aware of all my indulgences. When he's away I usually stay in my jammies, eat chocolate and catch up on the few TV shows that I like and he doesn't.
2. If you were a spice, what would you be? (from New Girl On Post)
Either Cinnamon- sweet, great smelling, & awesome in desserts, or Ground Red Pepper- spicy & good in almost any dish! lol.... fun question!
3. Where do you go for support when your significant other is deployed? (from Texas Meets
Family, friends, bloggy buddies and twitter peeps, chocolate, red wine. =)
4. What is the oldest thing you own? (from A Troop's Girl)
I have several things from my infancy that my mom kept- toys, spoon, clothes, the handkerchief/bonnet from my birth. Those are the oldest things of my very own that I own. The oldest things in general would be books I've picked up at flea markets from the early 1900s, photographs from my dad's childhood, and my mom's old cake pans and recipe books.
5. How did you vision your future pre-military? (from Daddy's Duty)
Married with a kid or two, working as an APN, living in Little Rock, traveling once a year for vacation; my current reality is MUCH better: married to my soulmate, kids hopefully in our near future, APN degree done, living in Europe, traveling the world

Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I put red pepper flakes in almost every thing I eat. My last week of pregnancy I went through an entire container trying to get things started. The last meal I ate before the little guy was born was Shrimp Fra Diavlo. I like to think that the extraordinary amount of spice worked!

Karen @ My Goal is Simple

hmb said...

I was probably in my pajamas way more than necessary! It was so cold here when he left that I stayed in pajamas, curled up in flannel sheets and watched lifetime movies all day :)

Julie said...

I just found your blog and I am enjoying all the wine commentary!