Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I bummed around the house, mostly, and was semi-productive. Since the hubs has all the new travel photos with him, I decided to do a quick post on a trip we took in February. J is from Southern California, so we went to visit his family before we moved to Germany.

Prior to meeting J, I had never been to California. Since meeting him, I've been ~6 times. I love it for a variety of reasons, namely getting to see his family, but the other huge draw is the beach. I LOVE the beach and the ocean. Love. My heart is at the beach and I always feel like I'm home when I'm there. Not just this beach, but any beautiful beach. One day J & I will live near a beach for good. We're going to have to hit the lottery before then, but it will happen. Which means that we actually need to start playing the lottery....

When we lived in the States, J & I were frequent Travel Channel & Food Network watchers (I know, you're surprised, right?). One night in January we saw a program listing the top 100 best places to eat in the country. A famous sandwich shop in L.A. was among them. Philippe's French Dipped Sandwiches is known for their, well, French Dipped Sandwiches, which is my favorite type of sandwich. Neither J, nor any of his family had ever been, so we decided to have lunch there while we were in town. While the food was good and the atmosphere cozy, yet cool, I was disappointed with the sandwiches. Perhaps the hype had been built up too high and there just wasnt any way for them to live up to it.

Since it was February, it was cold outside and the water was icy. Anyone who's been to the Pacific knows that it's never warm like the Caribbean, but this trip, it was unbelievably cold. I love the photos from this trip because it provides such a contrast that only the photographer knows. Warm sun, cool air, freezing water.

We are heading back to So-Cal soon for J's brother's wedding and I'm looking forward to spending some time at the beach in warmer weather. I swear I hear the ocean calling my name.....

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Anonymous said...

I've been to San Francisco a few times, but never been through SoCal for anything but driving through on a cross country trip. I'd love to go someday!