Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet Bloggy Love

A super sweet new bloggy friend, Angela over at Tomorrow is Another Day, gifted me with this award. It totally made my day! Thank you Angela! I love cupcakes and pretty please with a cherry on top! I love her blog. She's self-depreciating, witty, and a lot like me. =) So after you're done reading this, check out her blog. You'll be happy that you did.

So here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who, in a display of erudite good taste, bestowed the award upon you. (Check)
  • List three things you love about yourself. (Ugh...)
  • Pass the love along to five other bloggers. (Check!)

I always feel weird when it comes to promoting myself, but here are my three favorite things:
  • My eyes- I was lucky enough to get my mother's gorgeous emerald green eyes with thick, dark, long lashes. My eyes are my favorite feature hands down.
  • My sense of humor- I like to think of myself as being witty. J is the funniest guy in the world and we frequently spar back and forth with witty remarks. I also love sarcasm, but am so disappointed when people don't pick up on it. I always say, if I didn't laugh about life, I'd cry.
  • My compassion, to help others, and change the world- I have several volunteer opps lined up and I cant wait! One of my greatest wishes is that "we", meaning everyone, helped others more- friends, neighbors, coworkers. I feel like we don't do enough for others because we are so wrapped up in our own lives. Im setting out to rectify that immediately!
Blogger Love
The five bloggers that I am passing this on to are:
  • Mary @ Mary and Sean's Adventures Abroad- I love reading about their travel adventures and she always posts the yummiest pictures of the food they eat!
  • The Mrs. @ Trying Our Best- She tells it like it is and I love it!
  • Just_Megs @ Sugar Bee's Hive- I just started reading this blog and it is so cute!
  • Wife on the Roller Coaster @ Riding the Roller Coaster- I love her writing style!
  • Jessica @ {Mis} Adventures of an Army Wife- She too, tells it like it is and I think it's hilarious!
So go on and enjoy their blogs if you don't already. Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend! The hubs is home and I couldn't be happier! =)


Just_Megs said...

^_^ Thanks! That is so sweet!

Josh said...

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