Friday, September 17, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #13

It's Friday, so that means another round of MilSpouse Friday Fill-ins! Stop by Wife of a Sailor to check out other milspouse blogs!

*How do you spend your deployment money, do you save, pay off bills or enjoy the extra money while it is there to buy the things you do not normally have? (from Troop Petrie)
First deployment- Vacations to California and Europe
Second deployment- Cruise and bought a house
Third deployment- Grad school and Christmas (It was a shorter deployment)
*If you could relive one occasion or moment, what would it be? (from Currently On Land)
My wedding day. It was absolutely fantastic! Our wedding was at the Adventure Spa Palace in the Riviera Maya, a 5-star resort that was perfect. It was the most wonderful day and I would love to go back and do it all again!
*What’s the worst job you ever had and if it was so bad why did you take it? (from Faith and Deploying)
I was a nurse in a 24 hr observation unit in a university teaching hospital. It sucked. We got all the crazy patients, the ER admissions, the drug addicts, etc. It was all made worse by being understaffed. I took the job because the was the only one available at the time. I needed to work at that hospital so I could get the 90% tuition discount for graduate school.
*If you could play any character on TV, who would you be? (from Many Waters)
I would like Padma's job from Top Chef. Traveling, eating the world's best food, meeting cool people. Yes please. Also- I love Rachel and Monica from Friends.
*If you could become the world’s expert in something, what would it be? (fromArmy of Two)
Tropical Paradises! Making money! Wine, chocolate, coffee! =)


ALW said...

I think I told you this already, but we honeymooned at Aventura Spa Palace! It was AMAZING! I want to go back SO BAD!

huffmaniacs said...

I could totally be Padma! Also, this deployment it seems like we haven't saved anything because it is all going toward my graduate school. It is a tad depressing.


annoyed army wife said...

If you are the world's expert in wine, coffee, and chocolate can I be your sidekick?

itsadogtagwifelife said...

I'm with Annoyed Army Wife. Those are definitely things I'd want to be an expert in!

Annie said...

I think beign Padma would be totally fun!

Natalia said...

Oh yeah, Padma's job would be awesome!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

hello! i'm a new follower, found you through Preppy Girl Meets World (MRM)
i, too, would love Padma's job!!

Just_Megs said...

I'd like to also be a sidekick... You know actually it would just be easier if we all chose one thing... Then we could be like "Holy chocolate covered coffee beans, uh, wine-girl!"