Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wine of the Week

It's no secret that I love red wine. My blog is called Uncork and Unwined, so it's obvious (at least it should be), so starting a wine/beer of the week feature makes good sense. (Thanks Becca!)

I've been debating how I want to do this: how I want it to look, what information to cover, etc.
J & I taste and review wines all the time and have a fairly extensive list going under the wine pages here on the blog. I would like your input though on how this weekly feature should go, so comment away!

Here is this week's wine:

And a closer look.....
What: Finca De La Vega
Grape: Tempranillo
Where: Spain
When: 2007
Cost: ~5$
Corks: 4
He says: Nice & spicy! Smoky start with a slightly tart ending. Not my usual
combo in terms of favorite flavors , but it works!
She says: Absolutely wonderful! I really like this wine. This was our first
experience with it. It has a high alcohol content (13.3%) but it doesn't
taste like it. Spicy & full bodied, loaded with flavor.
We will definitely be buying this again!

J & I are so used to drinking red wine that we rarely get a "wow" moment. Our first taste of this wine gave us just that. It really is good and after we try it again, the rating will probably go up. Wines here are so much less expensive than in the States. We used to buy bottles of wine that ranged between $7-$15 for everyday consumption. Anything cheaper usually tasted cheap. In Europe though, we can buy a bottle of wine from many countries around the world for about $3. It's crazy and wonderful and we always stock up when we go to the German grocery store. Some bottles we like, some we don't but for $3 a bottle, who can complain?

So now I need your feedback! Too much, too little, what other information would you like, etc? Next week I will probably be reviewing a beer, either German or Belgium (because that's what we have in the house right now!).

***It's the ninth anniversary of 9/11, so take a moment today and reflect.***


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I love Spanish wines. When I visited Spain a few years ago and couldn't get enough of Rioja. Do you try your wines on their own or with food? I'd love to hear what you would pair it with!

ALW said...

I love beer, and red wine so I'm excited for this new feature you're doing! I love how here in Italy at the restaurants the house wine is cheaper than water!!!!

Uncork and Unwined said...

I love Rioja wines too! We went to a Spanish tapas bar last night and they had several. We tried two different ones and they were both very good! We try our wines alone and with food, but Ill be honest, pairings are not my specialty. My palate isn't refined enough to have pairings down to a reliable science.

ALW- It's the same way here in Germany! Isn't that crazy? Wine and beer being cheaper than water? I love it though!

Becca said...

Already loving this!!

Maranda said...

I like it! I like the he says/she says aspect. What about food pairings?? Maybe a little more description from the label like if it has hints or blackberry or currants. Like saying it's spicy and smoky and full of flavor doesn't tell me much. What kind of flavor do you get from it? Smell? Color? Seeing it poured into a glass? That kind of thing. However, I'm WAY into wine so maybe I just have more knowledge/expectations??? I think this is a great start though!

Mary and Sean said...

I love this new wine feature on your blog. How about some advice about food to pair it with? I'm hopeless when it comes to that...