Monday, September 13, 2010

More Random Ramblings

The first edition of Random Ramblings was such a success that I thought I would give it another go and perhaps make it a recurring post. So here is this week's random thought from my head to yours.

*One of my hydrangea plants died. I officially have a black thumb.

*The orchid I was given as a welcome to Germany present by our landlord is still alive. I just received another from a friend for my birthday. Maybe orchids will be my new hydrangea.

*Birthdays are huge in my family, in fact, we often celebrate birthmonths. (The birthmonth thing may or may not have been started by me.) I'm a bit sad to realize that due to our recent PCS across the ocean, this year's festivities will definitely be different from previous years, in both positive and negative ways. I'm ok with this, but I just realized the truthness in it.

*I like to make up my own words (see above-truthness) & say things like "may or may not have".

* I am unbelievably excited to spend my birthday weekend in Paris this year! This will be our first trip there and we're going to cram in as much sight-seeing as we can.

*My right hand looks like it's been through the shredder. I've cut myself on a knife, saw, and metal grate, all in the past three days. I'm thinking I may need a tetanus shot before the week's over.

*I miss being a provider in the medical world. I actually like to talk about things like blood sugar, cystic fibrosis, sphincters and infectious diseases. I'm weird, I know, but it's all part of being a nurse practitioner in the medical world.

*I'm finally getting a car after 8 months without one of my own.

*My newest favorite snack is a rice cake topped with 1-2 T. peanut butter and 1 T. organic hazelnut spread.

*I'm going to start structuring my days. As in writing out a schedule from 830am-4pm detailing what I'm going to do that day. With so much time on my hands I feel listless, like I'm not accomplishing much during the day because I have no set deadlines, no structure. And I need structure. I thrive on plans, lists, things to do, and scheduling.

*An awesome benefit from all this free time: I'm getting to bake and cook like never before and I've found a ton of yummy recipes! I'll continue sharing them with you in the recipe of the week feature.

*I was nervous about hosting a giveaway. What if no one entered? What if no one liked the prize? These worries and more were on my mind, but I really wanted to do it anyway. I am in such a wonderful position- living in Germany- and it allows me access to all sorts of cool things that aren't found in the States, so why not offer them to my lovely readers? =)

*Why haven't there been any great new music acts lately? Or are there some and I just don't know about it? Our radio stations out here are not the greatest, so it's definitely possible that I've missed some new talent.

*I'm not quite sure what the reason is, but I find that I am more tolerant, more understanding, more ok with a lot of things that I haven't been ok with in the past.

*I love reading all of your blogs, leaving you comments, and reading your comments to me!

*The glass recycling laws here kill me. If people are recycling, who cares what time of the day they do it. Seriously, does it ruin your lunchtime if I drop my glass off in the bin? I think not.

*I loved the Hunger Games. LOVED. The other two books in the series were great too, but Im not sure I liked the ending...

*I read fast. Very fast. (Thank you Mom!) I'm not a "savour every word and take weeks to read one book" kind of person like J. If I like a book I am eager to see how it all works out, to see how it ends, and I don't want to drag that out for days, much less weeks.

*Do our neighbors really need to start working on their house before 7 a.m.?

*Don't forget to enter my Sweet September giveaway here! I'm a sucker for chocolate and found several more things to add to the mix this weekend.


Bella N Chief said...

lol, Bueller?

itsadogtagwifelife said...

Good luck with the baking and cooking! When I was laid off, I spent so much time baking. Especially extravagant cupcakes. The hunny's office loved it although they complained that I was making them fat.

Mary and Sean said...

Putting structure in my day is the one thing I struggle with the most as an expat military wife in Japan. I dutifully create a schedule every night for the next day with exercise, reading, writing, and cooking on the list. Then somehow the morning just gets away from me and before I know it, I'm slapping something awful on the table for dinner.

Internet is a huge distraction for me in this way. I get pulled in and spend hours browsing other people's blogs, news, you tube.

Anyway, I hear you on that one big time!

Mrs. Mootz said...

I have a whole black hand. I have never been able to keep a plant alive. I get it from my mom. She does silk plants. I think I need to start following in her footsteps.

I would LOVE to enter your giveaway as I LOVE chocolate. Unfortunately, my doc has told me no caffeine and that includes chocolate which is SO NOT COOL!

Jennie Pie said...

Mmmmmm Milka!!!!!

Jennie Pie
"Capturing Sweet in the East"